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Here at Park Circle Films, we have created a transparent service – from people to people.

Established in 2011, Park Circle Films is a team of three video enthusiasts with special studies in this industry and a series of individual projects in own portfolios. We are now together for a more exquisite experience for our customers.

Our experience and past projects speak for ourselves. Find out more and get in touch.


How we managed to get so far

  • 21.09.201801

    First music video ever

    2018 helped us make a name in the music industry with a video for Hanna Guenni that went on national television and has over 150 million views on YouTube.

  • 05.07.201802

    A slightly political approach

    We spent the summertime shooting several advertising videos on political figures' speeches and programs – including one for our president.

  • 14.04.201803

    Going into the film industry

    We have finished our first short film – a 35-minute comedy based on Mark Sanova's script. It went viral over the Internet and even made it to television.


Who we are