What we do for our customers


Advertising & marketing videos

Small, medium and big companies – everyone is welcome to get in touch with us. It makes no difference what kind of business it is. We can tackle any kind of project. We will have to find out more about your business before proceeding with a plan.

Obviously, we want your vision to be part of the process. Clueless? Leave it all to us then. We will give you some ideas before moving on.


Clips & music videos

Music is music – one of the most beautiful things ever made. If we can contribute in one way or another, we will. We have mostly worked with local musicians and comedians, yet we had a few projects that earned national recognition and appreciation.

It makes no difference what kind of music you make or what type of video you want. It could be an official video for a song or just a presentation.


Short film productions

Short movies represent a modern thing these days – lots of talented script writers choose to reveal their vision through short movies. We are here to turn your vision into reality and make sure that your film truly reflects a message.

A short film is supposed to take the audience and put it in the middle of the action and this is exactly what we are the best at.


Behind the scenes